The Brentwood School is a private, non-public high school located in the town of Merrimack, NH. The school, in operation for over 30 years effectively serves the needs of students with disabilities throughout southern New Hampshire. As a private school we are able to offer small class sizes, educational opportunities commensurate with students’ individual abilities and aspirations, and a warm, nurturing environment focused on students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being.

A typical day at The Brentwood School incorporates the state required curriculum and courses available at most NH high schools, while also providing student opportunities that are personalized in nature, yet specific to each student’s individual needs and interests. For example, in addition participating in the traditional physical science, algebra, or United States History course, students may also choose to be involved in an extended learning opportunity taking place beyond the school’s walls.

At present, our students have successfully participated in several “extended learning” activities related to culinary arts, auto body, cable access television, automotive repair, and pet grooming. The Brentwood School staff consistently strives to further develop these vocational opportunities for our students as we strongly believe in the importance of transitional planning and career exploration. We continually challenge each of our students to be thinking about their future!

Recent enhancements to the program incorporate The Brentwood School recognized as a high school equivalency test preparation site for the Merrimack/Nashua area. The intended focus of this program is to assess the readiness of those students who are interested in earning a high school equivalency credential (as opposed to a standard high school diploma). The Brentwood staff, leveraging the power of alternative learning options, has developed this program in an attempt to further support non-traditional students’ in their desire to complete their high school education. In order for participants to enroll in the high school equivalency test preparation program, the following criteria must be met. Students must:

  • Have fallen significantly behind their cohort group (graduating class)
  • Have a desire to earn a high school equivalency credential
  • Demonstrate sufficient academic ability in reading, writing, and mathematics through the pre-GED test/pre-High School Equivalency Test and/or review of historical grades or other testing
  • Have fallen a minimum of (6) credits behind their senior cohort
  • Be at least 16 years of age on the first day of attendance

Additional future program enhancements incorporate the exploration of partnerships with local school districts to support the needs of those students struggling within their local schools, who are not identified under the Individual with Disabilities Act.  We anticipate the pilot for this program to begin in the near future, and once in place will offer yet another alternative option for at-risk students within our region.

We invite you to learn more about us by taking a few moments to view some of our recent school newsletters.  For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Michael McMurray Ed. D., Principal