Sports Science

Sports Science is a new class being offered to the Brentwood students as an alternative way for them to obtain credits in both math and science. Many students struggle with math concepts, so being able to use math in an innovative, interesting way by combining our student’s favorite topic, “sports” with the engineering and design that goes along with that, we create a new learning opportunity for our students that they enjoy!!

Our Sports Science class will cover topics that include: body systems, bone, muscles, sports statistics, force, speed, distance, graphing, design of sports equipment, movement of athletes, training principles, etc. Our class will also include guest speakers, field trips to gym and sports medicine facilities, and a trip to visit with and tour a professional sports organization to see the “ins and outs” of Sports Science on game day!!


The Brentwood School’s computer class is not your everyday “let’s learn to type and create word documents class”. The underlying intent is to show students there is a world out there beyond email, twitter and YouTube.

The class centers along a graphics background using the computer to create works of art. The students design advertising materials, logos, and other graphical works using software readily available as free downloads, which allows them to continue using it long after they have left the program. 

Science and Biology

In biology, we will follow the core ideas from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We will begin with the chemistry of life, and include study of molecules to organisms, ecosystems, energy and dynamics, heredity, inheritance and variation of traits, biological evolution, and unity and diversity. Class instruction will be supported by classroom resources, labs, and fieldtrips to museums and other areas of interest.


Student artwork has its own dedicated page located HERE

This page will be updated as they continue working on their projects this year.

Incorporating current technical advances, students are beginning to explore the world of 3D modeling. Students use many of the skills they have developed in manipulating graphics in a 2D manner into the 3D realm. Using programs to create and manipulate 3D objects, students are able to output their ideas using a 3D printer and walk away with a tangible piece of creative art.

Future classroom goals will focus on computer programming using Arduino-based projects for students to learn a more in-depth view of how a computer and personal electronics operate. The ultimate goal of the technology course is provide our students with a sense of accomplishment and a knowledge base that may prove helpful as they pursue possible careers.